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Please let me introduce myself: My name is Marcel Everaarts and I was born in the Netherlands.

I've been fascinated with horses ever since I was a child and so at age 14, I began to ride. I managed to finance my private lessons with a side job.

Back then (as still today) I thought that you could learn much more in private lessons than in group lessons.

I noticed very early on that I wanted to dive into the world of horses with all my heart and soul and learn as much as I possibly could. That's why I often watched from the sidelines when the trainers gave riding lessons, which taught me a lot.

After secondary school, I successfully attended the riding school in Deurne and qualified as a trainer. During and after my education, I rode a lot of horses which were being prepared for competition and sale. This allowed me to continue developing myself so that I learnt how to train the horses with their distinct character traits, at every level, in their own distinct way. I have not only made horses competitive, but also worked in various stables in which dressage was being taught, which allowed me to considerably improve my qualities as a dressage rider and to learn from horses which had been ridden at the very highest level.

In competition, I have ridden a wide range of horses. I currently own a Friesian stallion which is seven years old. His lineage is Anders 451 x Jasper 366, a horse which really likes to work and with which I want to enter tournaments here in Austria.

My motto is:

Achieving quality takes its time, but in the end you'll get there!

Best regards,

Marcel Everaarts

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